Sexual Harassment Prevention

Welcome to Central Office SHAIC!

What is the Central Office SHAIC?  It stands for the Central Office Sexual Harassment Awareness Intake Committee. 

What is our mission?  We are responsible for educating Central Office employees and interns about sexual harassment and its potential consequences in the workplace and to the University community.

What if I am an employee or student at a CUNY campus and have a sexual harassment concern or complaint?  Please contact your campus Title IX Coordinator (if you are a student) or SHAIC Coordinator (if you are an employee) as soon as possible with your concern or complaint.

Here you will find:

  • CUNY’s Policy and Procedures Against Sexual Harassment
  • General information about what is and isn’t sexual harassment
  • Information on what to do if you believe you have experienced sexual harassment
  • Contacts for questions, training requests, or complaints about sexual harassment