7 Future Projects

CUNY currently has more than $1 billion worth of major projects, including both expansions and transformational initiatives, in the planning and design stage. Here is a sampling:

BC Science

Brooklyn College
New Science Facility

This project will demolish Roosevelt Hall and construct a 180,000-square-foot science facility with high-tech instructional laboratories, general-purpose classrooms, faculty offices, and support spaces. The new facility will support the college's academic goal of transition to an interdisciplinary teaching model.

College of Staten Island Computational Center

College of Staten Island 
Interdisciplinary High Performance Computational Center

This 175,000-square-foot facility will house a high-performance computer that will serve as a University-wide resource for computer-based modeling and simulation that are a requisite for performing advanced multidisciplinary research and the development of advanced technology systems. The facility will contain spaces dedicated to state-of-the-art scientific computing hardware, laboratories for visualization, computer labs flexibly designed to encourage collaborative student research, high-tech instructional laboratories, general-purpose classrooms and dedicated student work areas.

Hunter Health

Hunter College
Science and Health Professions Building

This project, a public-private partnership with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, will relocate Hunter College’s science programs, partially at its Brookdale campus on East 25th Street, within walking distance of the main campus on East 68th Street. East 74th Street. Hunter's share will be an approximately 390,000-square-foot science building that will support its health professions programs, including nursing and physical therapy; provide research labs for its chemistry, biology, psychology, physics and astronomy departments; and provide a lecture hall.


Hostos Community College
Allied Health and Science Building

The 170,000-square-foot facility will replace outdated facilities and with state-of-the-art classrooms and labs that support the college's allied health programs in dental hygiene, radiological technology, and nursing as well as its growing engineering and natural science programs. The building also will provide dental and wellness clinics where the public will receive education and care.


New Science Facility Phase II

Lehman College
New Science Facility, Phase II

This 160,000-square-foot addition to the Phase I facility will include laboratories for teaching and research, science learning centers, offices and research facilities. Anthropology, biology, chemistry, environmental geographic and geological sciences, math and computer sciences, nursing, physics, astronomy and psychology will be housed in the new structure.

QC Gym

Queens College
Fitzgerald Gymnasium, Phase I

This 175,000-square-foot facility has been used for physical education, recreation, and competitive sports since 1957. The building contains two gymnasiums and locker rooms, a swimming pool, exercise science class labs, weight and training rooms, and a health and services center. This renovation project will provide the first phase of comprehensive interior and mechanical systems upgrades needed to meet the functional and instructional requirements of the college.

York Academic Building

York College
Academic Village / Conference Center

This project will be built on the site of the existing Classroom Building. The approximately 160,000-square-foot facility will provide students with offices for student government clubs, lounges, conference rooms, a bookstore and a coffee shop. The classrooms will be convertible to state-of-the-art conference rooms that will be available for the community’s use.