Procurement Opportunities at CUNY and the CUCF

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Please click this link: Solicitation Outreach List, to add your business information to the Solicitation Outreach List used by the Capital Program of CUNY & CUCF for procurements managed by the Office of Facilities Planning, Construction and Management.

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The City University of New York ("CUNY") is the nation's largest urban public university, comprising 24 institutions. The City University Construction Fund (“CUCF”) is a public benefit corporation established by New York State to provide facilities for CUNY and support the educational purposes of CUNY. CUNY and CUCF are committed to providing quality facilities that serve the University's approved educational programs through a program of facility design, construction and development projects. This website has been developed to support this program and to provide access to information about procurement opportunities with CUNY's Office of Facilities Planning, Construction and Management ("FPCM") .

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