Style Book

The Style Guide for The City University of New York is intended to provide consistency in the presentation of material on a growing number of informational platforms. Consistency aids clarity and established style preferences save time for all who are preparing material. read more >>

Punctuation, capitalization and, at times, even grammar and spelling, are matters of editorial preference rather than rules. The University Style Guide can help establish consistency in content.

Our University style guide draws upon a diversity of CUNY college stylebooks, The Chicago Manual of Style, the Associated Press stylebook and Merriam Webster’s Unabridged and College edition dictionaries. For matters not covered here, those are sources that can be the authorities.

A great number of entries here are specific to the University and its colleges and schools, while others establish our style preferences for commonly used words, or are simple reminders about words often misspelled or misused. The style preferences, of course, are for communication in general and not intended to be used in academic papers.

The style guide has an alphabetical structure for entries, which can also be located through the search box.



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