The CUNY Investment Pool provides a comprehensive long-term investment solution for CUNY colleges and foundations with endowed and non-endowed assets. In that regard, our mission is to provide exemplary returns to our participants through a globally diversified portfolio.

We work as a full-service investment office, where a professional investment staff works closely with consultants, Cambridge Associates. Together with the CUNY Board of Trustees we provide strong governance and a full range of investment and administrative services.

We utilize a pooled investment vehicle to create efficiencies and scale, so that all participants benefit from access to strategies, managers and an investment process, typically utilized by top-tier endowments and foundations. In addition to strong governance, this process includes formulation of an investment policy for preservation and growth, diversification of assets to protect against the dual risks of inflation and deflation and selection of the best managers who can provide exemplary performance over the long-term.

The Pool has a state-of-the art infrastructure for custody, portfolio accounting and participant record-keeping of assets. Finally, we conduct on-going due diligence of the portfolio and work with internal and external counsel to ensure the Pool is in compliance with all regulations.

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