University Budget Office

The University Budget Office is responsible for the overall management of City and State tax-levy operating funds, including tuition revenues. The management of these funds involves complex interactions among City and State officials in both the Executive and Legislative branches, the University's Board of Trustees, principally through its Committee on Fiscal Affairs, the University's Central Office, and its 24 colleges.

The University Budget Office is organized into two units: Resource Management and Allocations and Financial Planning, Monitoring and Reporting. These units, working closely with other University officials, perform the following functions:

  • Allocate and administer City and State tax-levy appropriations in support of college and University priorities and activities.
  • Regularly monitor college and University expenditures and college revenue collections to ensure consistency with approved financial plans and adherence to City and State budgetary guidelines.
  • Develop the University-wide budget request for approval by the Board of Trustees and for submission to City and State Officials.
  • Develop and analyze University-wide and national data regarding enrollment, funding, budget, and other financial statistics.
  • Serve as central liaison to colleges on all budget matters.
  • Serve as central liaison to City and State executive and legislative staff regarding CUNY financial matters.
  • Respond to ad-hoc requests from senior University leadership regarding budget matters and financial

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