Below, you will find a chart explaining the central goals and projects of the Office of Academic Affairs for 2011-2012 and links to final progress reports for each.

We welcome feedback on our Office's work. Please direct your comments to Erika Dreifus, OAA Director of Communications. Download a complete set of 2011-2012 Goals and Final Progress Reports. <pdf>

PMP Goals
PMP Objectives OAA Goals Success Indicators Team Members
Raise Academic Quality, Improve Student Success
1. Strengthen CUNY flagship and college priority programs, and continuously update curricula and program mix 1.1. Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) Begin to scale the program to serve more students at current colleges and identify essential program elements found to be most beneficial for adoption across CUNY. Continue to serve current and incoming fall 2011 students, emphasizing expedited completion of developmental coursework and rigorous program evaluation. *Mogulescu, Linderman, Ondrus, Wrigley
  1.2 Work with DOE through Graduate NYC! to increase the number of students who meet proficiency standards upon entry and to increase graduation rates at CUNY Develop comprehensive action plan to better align CUNY and DOE systems, informed by the data-sharing agreement between institutions, particularly to improve college readiness and success in reading, writing and mathematics. Develop/ expand high school senior-year interventions for students who do not demonstrate college readiness on existing DOE assessments. Develop and implement communications to DOE about CUNY placement tests (including the consequences for not passing them) and college readiness standards. Pilot new collaborative structures to improve college readiness. Work with CUNY faculty, campus CAOs and student services to increase college success, particularly to improve remedial outcomes, advising, and overall graduation rates; involve DOE as appropriate. Secure external funding. *Mogulescu, Conrad, Crook, Kendrick, Linderman Lucariello, Mack, Wilks Steering Committee
  1.3 Implement and monitor Continuing Education's Ensuring Program Quality Initiative Adopt CE program quality framework. Implement program quality assessment strategies described in program quality users' manual for workforce and professional development programs. Implement reporting process for colleges. Support campuses in their benchmarking and improvement efforts through technical assistance. *Mogulescu, Duitch, Ondrus, Spaulding
  1.4 Expand CUNY Start accelerated developmental education programs Expand program to three additional colleges. Increase enrollment across all seven participating colleges. Ensure that individual programs work productively with all relevant campus offices so that prospective students are informed about the program. Conduct more extensive data analyses. *Mogulescu, Duitch, Oppenheim, Simon
  1.5 Establish curricular profiles for the colleges and also create a system for "closing the loop" on academic program reviews. CUNY colleges typically establish more than 50 new academic programs a year and revise the registration of more than 300 other programs. Programs established over the past decade will be charted and a curricular profile of each college will be developed. Program enrollments at the three-year mark will also be compared with projections in proposals and data from subsequent external academic program review summaries will be integrated into the college profiles. *Wrigley, Crook, Ondrus, Sukhanova, Norz, Wilks
  1.6 To align CUNY's nursing programs with professional trends, increase the University's capacity to enroll and graduate students at the baccalaureate level Increase the CUNY-wide percentage of BS to AAS nursing graduates. Develop AAS/BS dual degree programs in nursing. Develop online RN-BS program at SPS. *Ebenstein, Mogulescu, Wrigley
  1.7 Design and administer an instrument to assess the status of campus-based simulation centers in order to enhance the use of technology in nurse education Produce a report with recommendations related to CUNY's integration of simulation into the nursing curriculum and future directions in the use of this instructional technology. *Ebenstein, Wrigley
  1.8 Enhance SEEK/CD program data and effectiveness Conduct a formal assessment of SEEK and CD program effectiveness and establish a CUNY-wide SEEK/CD Assessment Team. Guide and assist SEEK and CD programs in developing assessment plans and systematically assessing program effectiveness. *Williams, Crook Diffenderfer, Kingston
  1.9 Increase online and hybrid courses in CUNY Refine and extend the piloted certification process for online and hybrid instructors. Oversee and follow up on the piloting of hybrid courses at the 15 campuses participating in the Hybrid Initiative. Foster the offering of more online courses and online degrees. *Otte, Corrente, Mogulescu
  1.10 Improve and enhance quality of teacher preparation programs and align these programs with current national professional goals and standards Enhance clinically-rich teacher preparation. Enhance and increase CUNY partnership relations related to teacher preparation to improve teacher preparation. *Lucariello, Crook, Littman, Sloan
2. Attract and nurture a strong faculty that is recognized for excellent teaching, scholarship, and creative activity 2.1 In keeping with the framework of the Decade of Science, enhance research commercialization and economic development. Increased tech transfer efforts, form start-up companies, build up CUNY CAT, etc. *Small, Dagan (Budget / Finance)
  2.2 Create mechanisms to support increased inter-campus research collaborations Increased submission of collaborative cross-campus external grant proposals. *Small, Caplan, Martí
  2.3 Enhance research, including by graduate students and undergraduates. Increased number of relevant grant applications and publications. Faculty research fellowships. Research conferences. Improved IRB and dissertation proposals (graduate students). *Small, Caplan, Ebenstein, Martí, (RF)
  2.4 In keeping with the framework of the Decade of Science, take next steps on ASRC Identify potential directors of five areas. Launch seminar series. Initiate major fund-raising campaign. *Small ( Development , Facilities)
  2.5 Strengthen research compliance oversight & support. Restructure CUNY IRBs; roll out new software. Develop export control plan including on-going training *Small, Lada
3. Ensure that all students receive a quality general education and effective instruction 3.1 Improve accountability of SEEK/CD academic support and counseling services. Develop a process to review and begin to revise the SEEK Guidelines. Oversee the establishment of a CUNY SEEK/CD student organization. *Williams, Ast, Kingston, Sanchez
  3.2 Increase student success in math Repeat math faculty awards each spring. Disseminate results of funded math projects. Increase awareness/usage of math education pedagogical techniques and resources. Pilot online math tutoring. Apply as needed for funding for math remediation experiment and, once funding is obtained, initiate experiment. Identify additional methods of enhancing student success in math. Pilot experiment, where possible. *Logue, Crook, Kendrick, Lucariello, Ondrus, Watanabe
  3.3 Statistics experiment Plan and conduct full experiment fall 2011. *Lucariello, Logue, Watanabe
  3.4 Promote information literacy system-wide Fulfill CUNY Critical Thinking Skills Initiative (CTSI), sponsored by Verizon Foundation grant, and secure additional funding. Better integrate work of CUNY/DOE High School to College Transition Group within the Graduate NYC! Initiative. Plan and conduct workshop for teachers, librarians, and graduate education students. Draft CUNY-wide IL standards at the BA/BS level, similar to what has been done through the 60-credit level . Survey Library faculty regarding current IL assessment practices at the colleges. *Kendrick, Mack, Wilks (LILAC, Council of Chief Librarians)
  3.5 Improve accountability of CUE programs Refine CUE funding model and reporting system to support programs with demonstrated effectiveness in improving student success. Implement evaluation strategies for key CUE-funded programs, including immersion, academic support services, first-year programs, and WAC. Focus particularly on immersion programs, to identify/expand effective models and to increase student participation. *Wilks, Croke, Williams, Wrigley [CUE Committee, Immersion Coordinators, WAC Coordinators]
  3.6 Coordinate and strengthen work of CUNY Centers for Teaching and Learning Implement recommendations from the 2011 Report on CUNY Centers for Teaching and Learning, specifically to: 1) design faculty development offerings to address specific institutional priorities, 2) expand cross-college inquiry into effective teaching/learning strategies, and 3) continue to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of CTL operations. *Wilks, Croke, Watanabe [CTL Directors]
  3.7 Implement Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) The Assessment Task Force has recommended adoption of the CLA as a standardized assessment of learning outcomes at CUNY's undergraduate institutions. Procure the test. Develop guidelines and procedures for drawing samples, administering the exam, and gathering and reporting the data. Gain buy-in from academic administration and faculty. Conduct a pilot in spring 2012, with full administration planned for fall 2012. *Crook, Moy, Wilks
  3.8 Working with a panel of math faculty, develop common standards for arithmetic and elementary algebra Develop common standards and specifications for departmental examinations in arithmetic and elementary algebra. *Crook, Moy, TBD (NYCDOE)
  3.9 Increase student success in reading and writing Establish a study group to evaluate the effectiveness of CUNY's approach to developmental reading. Analyze student outcomes based on different curricular and pedagogical models with particular attention to reading as a stand-alone course vs. in combination with writing, reading course sequences, and reading in relation to ESL. Review the current basic reading assessment, particularly in relation to readiness for reading tasks required in introductory and general education courses. Recommend University actions based on findings. *Wilks, OAA reps TBD, faculty and campus administrators TBD.
4. Increase retention and graduation rates and ensure students make timely progress toward degree completion 4.1 Increase participation in summer and winter immersion Number and percentage of eligible new and continuing students who enroll in, and pass out of, immersion. Identify immersion models that are particularly effective. *Wilks, Croke, Williams, Wrigley
  4.2 Remediation progress policy Number and percentage of eligible students pursuing remediation continuously until complete, including summer and winter immersion. Establish CUNY-wide policy. Enforce with registration stops. *Wrigley, Crook, Ptachik, Wilks, TBD
  4.3 Early assessment of college readiness Plan for 2012-2013 pilot in which high school juniors will be assessed for college readiness. Move toward college-ready students taking College Now courses from CUNY Common Core, and non-college-ready students receiving special instruction to become college-ready before graduating high school. *Hofmann, Crook, Lucariello, Wilks, Wrigley
  4.4 Implement an early alert system to identify students early in the semester who are at risk for failure. By December 2011, identify early alert product that can accommodate the CUNY system. By March 2012, develop an implementation plan for launching fall 2012 pilot. *Sanchez, Alvarez, Crook
  4.5 Establish call center(s) available to campuses. By January 2012, develop a model and resources necessary to phase in a call center. By August 2012, launch initial pilot. *Sanchez, Alvarez, DiTommaso, Williams
Enhance Financial And Manage- ment Effectiv- eness
5. Improve post-graduate outcomes 5.1 Increase retention of CUNY graduates in the teaching profession in NYC high-need schools Analyze teacher performance data (obtained from the NYC DOE) on CUNY graduates and engage in program revisions based on results.
*Lucariello, Crook, Littman, Sloan
6. Improve quality of student academic support services 6.1 Enhance academic advising Building on the work of the Graduate NYC! Advisement Capacity Team, analyze current advisement services and resources, and make recommendations for improving academic advising. *Sanchez, Linderman, Wilks
  6.2 Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan Articulate vision, mission, core values, divisional priorities, goals, and action items by August 15, 2012. *Sanchez, Student Affairs Leadership Team
  6.3 Student Affairs Assessment/Effectiveness Plan Establish divisional priorities, performance metrics and success indicators for all functional units in the Division of Student Affairs. *Sanchez, Dalpes, Eanes, Student Affairs Leadership Team
7. Increase or maintain access and enrollment; facilitate movement of eligible students to and among CUNY campuses 7.1 Complete Board-Mandated Steps for the First Year of the Pathways (Transfer) Project Complete overall structure of the Common Core by December 1, 2011. Ensure all campuses submit their plans for implementation of the General Education Framework by April 1, 2012. Ensure all committees submit their plans for alignment of the first 3-6 courses of the largest transfer majors by May 1, 2012. *Logue, Baker, Croke, Crook, Dreifus, Ptachik, Wrigley
  7.2 Rationalize and implement additional system-wide policies via new Office of University Registrar Continue to rationalize and implement system-wide policies via the Office of University Registrar. Mediate the standardization goals of the CUNYfirst project student records component with the business practices of the colleges' registrar offices. Along with OIRA, collect university-wide, college-based data to form the basis for more accurate enrollment planning. *Ptachik, Bianco (CIS)
8. Increase revenues and decrease expenses 8.1 Continue to serve the City of New York through projects and partnerships with City and State agencies, and generate external funds to support these efforts Amount and renewal of external funding. City and state satisfaction with projects. Number of people served. *Mogulescu and other members of his staff
  8.2  Work with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance to modify tuition and fee structures to better support student academic success
Tuition and fee structures align with increased credit accumulation, retention and graduation rates.
*Ptachik, Maruca, Murphy [Budget & Finance]
9. Improve administrative services 9.1 Increase effectiveness of CUNY's libraries Work with CIS to ensure hardware and network infrastructure is adequate. Secure approvals and allocate funding to migrate to vendor-hosted environment for mission-critical library systems. Recruit successfully for two vacant systems librarian positions. Complete negotiations with OCLC for a contract for services. Begin planning for migration to RDA (Resource Description and Access), the new cataloging standard. Re-index production catalog and prepare for reclamation project to harmonize records and holdings in Aleph with those of World Cat. Assess and develop CUNY's digital library collections. Advance a culture of assessment within CUNY's libraries. Communicate developments in areas including copyright, open access, scholarly communication, and institutional repositories.
*Kendrick, Bryan, Clark (CIS, Council of Chief Librarians)
  9.2  Submit 2012-2016 Master Plan to the NYS Education Department
Prepare an excellent plan, useful in guiding CUNY's growth over the next four years, developed in close consultation with all relevant constituencies and approved by the BOT. Submit plan to the NYSED by June 1, 2012.
*Logue, Wrigley (Benjamin)
  9.3 Effect Academic Affairs Sections of CUNY First Work with CUNYfirst technical team and subject matter experts to implement campus solutions module in as many CUNY colleges as can benefit. Wave 2 (BCC, BMCC, Hostos, KCC, Lehman, LaGuardia, CUNY Law, & NCC) likely to have staged implementation. Likely that KCC & LaGuardia to go online late June 2012. *Ptachik, Crook (CIS, Deputy COO)
  9.4 Modernize admissions data systems Through the CUNYfirst project or other means, establish a plan to modernize admissions data systems including customer relations management, on-line intelligent application, decision engine, and student data-base components.
*Ptachik, (CIS)
  9.5 Increase effective administrative oversight of SEEK/CD
Implement recommendations resulting from the 2011 SEEK Internal Audit. Create template for an pilot an electronic expenditure report. Develop practices and protocols that improve the SEEK/CD enrollment management process. *Williams, Ast, Corrente, Diffenderfer, Kingston, Murphy, Ptachik, Sanchez, Truelsch (OFB)
  9.6 With CIS, develop the decision support infrastructure at CUNY Procure business intelligence software. Begin system design. Begin to validate data drawn from source systems. Participate in the planning of the statewide P-20 data structure, and contribute the necessary data.
*Crook (with Cohen and Taneja), Littman, (CIS)
  9.7 As part of the Graduate NYC! Initiative, continue construction of a data warehouse containing DOE and CUNY data Complete work on the matching engine. Design data warehouse. Populate key tables. Design reports. Support data needs of the Graduate NYC! Project.
*Crook (with Ellwanger, of the NYCDOE)


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