Professional Doctorates

Linked below is a January 2010 document entitled "Report on Options for Organizing Professional Doctorates at CUNY" prepared by Associate University Provost Julia Wrigley and University Dean William Ebenstein at the request of Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost Logue.

This document reviews the emergence of professional doctorates in American higher education and how these degrees have changed the academic landscape. The document also considers how the National Center for Education Statistics and the Carnegie Foundation, two major organizations that classify degrees and higher education institutions, categorize professional doctorates. In addition, the document reviews the literature on professional doctorates and their organization at other institutions.

Using all of the information above, the document then presents three options for organizing professional doctorates at CUNY: (1) remain under the aegis of the Graduate Center, the traditional doctoral degree-granting unit of CUNY, (2) devolve these programs to the campuses where they are physically based, and (3) decide on a program's placement on a case-by-case basis, rather than by a general rule.

CUNY has decided to adopt option 3. Therefore, each professional doctorate will be considered as a separate case and, based on quality and financial considerations, will be based at the Graduate Center, at another campus, or both. In all cases, decisions regarding a degree's location must be approved by the Central Office of Academic Affairs, and campuses are encouraged to contact this office for guidance in such matters.

"Report on Options for Organizing Professional Doctorates at CUNY"  <pdf>