Leaves for Librarians

Leaves for Librarians

Librarians at CUNY are eligible for the leave programs described below.


Professional Reassignment Leave

  • Available only for librarians;
  • Available for anyone serving in the titles of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, or Lecturer, regardless of tenure status or how long they have been at CUNY;
  • Leave time is up to five weeks;
  • Goal of 50 leaves per year system-wide;
  • Leave requests are subject to the approval of the library departmental personnel and budget (P&B) committee and appropriate college-wide committees;

See PSC/CUNY Contract Section 25.4.


Workload Leave

  • Must be employed as Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (no Instructors or Lecturers);
  • Must be untenured;
  • Workload leave must be used during first five annual appointments;
  • Purpose to engage in scholarly and/or creative activities related to their academic disciplines;
  • Assignment of such reassigned time will be made by the college pursuant to guidelines designed to encourage scholarship;
See PSC/CUNY Contract Section 15.1.