Information Literacy

Library Information Literacy Advisory Council (LILAC)
A CUNY library faculty committee formed to promote the integration of information literacy across the City University of New York (CUNY).

Council of Chief Librarians White Paper on Information Literacy <pdf> (CUNY, 2001)
The Council of Chief Librarians recommends that Information Literacy be fully implemented across CUNY.

Report of the University-Wide Task Force for Educational Technology (CUNY, 2001)
Recommendations for ways for the University to improve professional development and effective instruction, to address key policy issues, and to manage resources more efficiently (from the introduction).

Master Plan (CUNY, 2004 - 2008)
See section 5.2 General Education Project and section 10 Libraries for discussions (mentions?) of information literacy at CUNY.

Forum on General Education (CUNY)
The mission of the CUNY General Education Project is to strengthen the undergraduate curriculum across the entire university by engaging faculty, students, and administrators in considering the large questions about what constitutes a college education in the 21st century. Information literacy is not specifically mentioned at this time.

CUE: Coordinated Undergraduate Education (CUNY)
The Coordinated Undergraduate Education Initiative (CUE) draws together the college's best efforts and most effective programs in order to provide students with a coherent and meaningful college experience from admissions through to graduation. A cooperative effort at reorganizing and interweaving the college components, information literacy is not specifically mentioned at this time.

W riting Across the Curriculum (CUNY)
Writing Across the Curriculum is a University-wide Initiative, in which each college integrates writing instruction into the curriculum in every department and academic program across the University. Information literacy is not specifically mentioned at this time.

CUNY Conferences on Information Literacy

Information Literacy: Laying the Foundations, LACUNY Institute 2000
Information Literacy: Reaching Diverse Populations, LACUNY Institute 2001
The Teaching Library: Issues and Roadmaps, LACUNY Institute 2004
Integrating Information Literacy Across the Curriculum, Baruch College Conference 2005