Middle States Information Literacy and Assessment
CUNY's accrediting body requires information literacy embedded and assessed, as part of the curriculum

Information Literacy, Learning Outcomes, and Authentic Assessment (.ppt)
Information literacy guru Patty Ianuzzi's presentation on measuring student learning from the 2000 LACUNY conference

Information Competence Assessment Task Force (CSU)
A gathering place for information about the CSU Information Competence Assessment Project (see also other assessment links for CSU).

An Assessment Plan for Information Literacy (IU Bloomington)
"A plan to help departments and their faculty incorporate the assessment of information literacy into their academic programs, both on the undergraduate and graduate levels. This plan suggests ways in which departments might work in collaboration with librarians to assess information literacy."

Information Competency Assessment Project (Bay Area Regional Community Colleges)
"A collaborative project among faculty librarians in the San Francisco Bay Area has developed and field-tested an information competency assessment instrument that is based on specific performance outcomes, and criterion-referenced to national standards." The Project's purpose: to develop a challenge-out or credit-by-exam instrument that can be used and/or modified at community colleges that have an information competency requirement.

Standardized Assessment Instruments

Project Sails (Kent State)
"The purpose of the Project for Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills (SAILS) has been to develop an instrument for programmatic level assessment of information literacy skills that is valid and thus credible to university administrators and other academic personnel."

ICT Literacy Assessment (ETS)
From the Educational Testing Service (ETS), "as part of the National Higher Education ICT Initiative, ETS and a group of colleges and universities have collaborated to create the ICT Literacy Assessment, a comprehensive test of ICT proficiency specifically designed for the higher education environment."