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Faculty Quick Reference Guide <pdf>

Introduction to Step Sheets <pdf>

Getting Started in CUNYfirst »

CUNYfirst is an Internet-based application built on the PeopleSoft Enterprise platform. You may access this application at any location with Internet access.An Identity Management System secures all of the data. You will be assigned a User ID and you will create your own password.Security access allows you to use all of the functionality that you need. Your access is restricted from any functionality that you do not need.

The Faculty Center »

The Faculty Center is a self-service component that provides instructors a single entry point from which to begin navigation to instructor-related transactions.

Within the Faculty Center, Faculty are able to:

  • view their teaching schedule in both a grid and calendar format;
  • view and enter instructional materials for their assigned classes;
  • view their exam schedule in both a grid and calendar format;
  • view their class roster and send notifications to students on the roster;
  • submit the Verification of Attendance Roster; and
  • view their grade roster; as well as, enter and submit grades for posting.

Quick Card 1 Topics <pdf>

Quick Card 2 Topics <pdf>