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Getting Started in CUNYfirst »

CUNYfirst is an Internet-based application built on the PeopleSoft Enterprise platform. You may access this application at any location with Internet access. An Identity Management System secures all of the data. You will be assigned a User ID and you will create your own password. Security access allows you to use all of the functionality that you need. Your access is restricted from any functionality that you do not need.

About Your Advisee »

Advisors are able to view a list of students to whom they have been assigned and send notifications to these advisees’ campus emails.In an advisee’s student center is a summary view of that advisee’s academics, personal information, service indicators (holds), to do list, enrollment dates and advisor contacts. Advisors are able to see their advisee’s schedule in both a list and calendar view.

Academics »

A student’s academic history may be viewed in a variety of distinctive formats. From the student center in the Academics section, select from Course History, Grades, Transcript: View Unofficial, and Transfer Credit: Report.From the academics page, view the students Career and Program information, and select a Term Summary with details of academic level and load, classes, and GPA statistics. Select the Term History link to view Academic Statistics for All Terms.

Service Indicators and To Do Lists »

From the general info page, advisors may view details of all positive and negative service indicators. With security access, advisors may assign, edit and release service indicators.Administrative items to be completed by the student may be viewed in the To Do list.

Student Groups and FERPA Information »

An advisee’s student groups may be viewed or updated. Students in a student group may be listed using selection criteria. FERPA Information lists releasable directory details.

Catalogs, Schedules, and Student Plans »

Browse or Search the Course Catalog to assist students with their selection of courses to complete their requirements. The Search for Classes component is used to select class sections in which the student wishes to enroll. Some CUNY colleges have as policy that students use DegreeWorks as an educational planning tool. Although data entered into CUNYfirst may be transferred to DegreeWorks; data entered into DegreeWorks may not be transferred to CUNYfirst. Within CUNYfirst, courses an advisee selects from the Course Catalog are viewed in their Planner; while, class sections in which an advisee wishes to enroll display in their Shopping Cart.

Enrollment »

Advisors are able to assist students to enroll or swap classes by removing an Advisement Required service indicator or applying an override when it is consistent with Campus policy and procedure to do so.

Enrollment Records »

A printer friendly “Study List” page provides details of enrolled and dropped courses. In CUNYfirst, details of every successful Enrollment Request are available.

Campus Community: Student Services Center »

Campus Community is the core of CUNYfirst Campus Solutions. It provides a pathway to access of data that is shared by offices across the campus.CUNYfirst allows administrators to view student information from the student’s point of view by navigating to the Student Services Center. The Student Services Center is an administrative 'dashboard', a single point of entry to view a wide range of student data. The Student Services Center is a collection of components:

  • Student Center - Displays most of what the student sees on their Student Center page.
  • General Info - Campus Community data and student groups.
  • Admissions - Current status and program.
  • Academics - Academic Program, Term, Enrollment data.
  • Transfer Credit - Transfer course, test credit and other credit.
  • Finances - Student Billing/Account & Financial Aid information. The Finances Tab displays Student Billing and Account Information not available through The Advisor Center.

The pages associated with Student Services Center provide a very similar view to the Student Center that is accessed by students using Self Service.