CUNYfirst stands for Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool and for CUNY it means a massive upgrade in how we'll do things in the future. New CUNYfirst processes in Student Administration, Human Resources and Finance will change how we do everything from registering for classes to paying our bills. <read more>

CUNYfirst applications will replace aging legacy systems like SIMS and CUPS and help us streamline and standardize many of the things we do at our colleges. CUNYfirst will be implemented in phases. Base processes for business, HR and academic structure will be created first, with enhancements and new modules being added in the coming years. Everyone working for CUNY will be trained to use the new tools available in CUNYfirst with training available in classes or on-line. The CUNYfirst Project is intended to establish CUNY policies, processes and procedures well into the future.


February 2016 CUNYfirst Unavailability

Monthly Maintenance
7pm on Sat, February 20 - 7pm on Sun, February 21

Month-end Financial Close
9pm on Mon, February 29 - 1am on Tue, March 1

News & Information

Mobile MyInfo for students now available for iOS

CUNYfirst MyInfo is now available to students as a mobile application for Apple iOS 7 or later. The mobile MyInfo application for students adds the following new features:

  • Classes Today shows the class schedule for today
  • Class reminder sets an alarm 15 minutes before class
  • Search online for course textbooks

You can download the mobile MyInfo for students from the Apple App Store for free. An Android version will be available by fall 2016.

For more information, please see the MyInfo FAQs <pdf>.

Financial Aid summary now available in MyInfo

CUNYfirst MyInfo now lets you look up your student financial aid summary in addition to other CUNYfirst information essential to starting your semester.

The My Financial Aid summary lists CUNYfirst information by college and aid year for each award offer, including description of the aid, amount offered, amount accepted, amount authorized and amount disbursed.