James B. Milliken

Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer
Allan H. Dobrin
(646) 664-2888

Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost
Vita C. Rabinowitz
(646) 664-8075

Senior Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Secretary of the Board of Trustees
Jay Hershenson
(646) 664-9041
(646) 664-9006

Senior Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs and General Counsel
Frederick P. Schaffer
(646) 664-9210

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Frank D. Sanchez
(646) 664-8759

Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance
Matthew Sapienza
(646) 746-4275

Vice Chancellor for Labor Relations
Pamela S. Silverblatt
(646) 664-2977

Vice Chancellor for Research
Gillian Small
(646) 664-8910

Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Management
Gloriana B. Waters
(646) 664-3254

Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning, Construction and Management
Judith Bergtraum
(646) 664-2605

Associate Vice Chancellor & University CIO
Brian Cohen
(212) 541-0365

Associate Vice Chancellor for Corporate, Foundation and Major Gifts Development
Andrea Shapiro Davis
(646) 664-9025

University Dean/Special Counsel to the Chancellor
Dave Fields
(646) 664-9110

Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Fiscal Policy
Marc V. Shaw
(646) 664-3013

University Directors & Deans

University Director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management
Howard Apsan
(646) 664-2854

University Executive Budget Director
Catherine Abata
(646) 746-4274

University Director of Communications and Marketing
Michael Arena
(646) 664-9300

University Registrar
Annamarie Bianco
(646) 664-3536

University Director of Sustainability
Tria Case
(646) 664-2856

University Dean for Institutional Research and Assessment
David Crook
(646) 664-8102

Deputy to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Chief of Staff
Paulette M. Dalpes
(646) 344-7315

University Dean for Continuing Education & Deputy to the Senior University Dean for Academic Affairs
Suri Duitch
(646) 664-8013

University Dean of Advancement
Carlos Flynn
(646) 664-3004

Director of Design, Construction & Management
Robert Lemieux
(646) 664-2624

University Dean for Student Success Initiatives
Donna Linderman
(718) 254-7266

University Associate Dean for Institutional Effectiveness
Cheryl Littman
(646) 664-8031

Senior University Dean for Academic Affairs and Dean of the School of Professional Studies
John Mogulescu
(646) 664-8004

Director of Space Planning
Meghan Moore-Wilk
(646) 664-2623

University Dean for Enrollment Management
James Murphy
(646) 664-3502

University Director of Admission
Clare Norton
(646) 664-3620

University Director of Academic Technology
George Otte
(212) 541-0411

Senior University Dean for the Executive Office & Enrollment
Robert Ptachik
(646) 664-9402

Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Management Services
Burton Sacks
(646) 664-2853

Deputy Chief Operating Officer
Ronald Spalter
(646) 664-2866

Director of Internal Audit & Management Services
Gordon Taylor
(646) 746-4283

University Dean for Education
Ashleigh Thompson
(646) 664-8151

University Director of Enrollment Operations
Vivek Upadhyay
(646) 942-6949

Associate University Dean for Special Programs
Cheryl Williams
(646) 664-8764

University Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Lucinda Zoe
(646) 664-8038