The Nation's Leading Public Urban University Institutions and Students

The City University of New York provides high-quality, accessible education for more than 269,000 degree-credit students and 247,000 adult, continuing and professional education students at 24 campuses across New York City.

The University is an integrated system of senior and community colleges, graduate and professional schools, research centers,  institutes and consortia. From certificate courses to Ph.D. programs, CUNY offers postsecondary learning to students of all backgrounds. It provides the city with graduates trained for high-demand positions in the sciences, technology, mathematics, teaching, nursing and other fields. As CUNY has grown, the University also has strengthened its mission as a premier research institution, building an array of modern facilities and expanding the ranks of its world-class faculty. <read more>

Throughout its history, the University has been an integral part of the city and state through partnerships with public schools, economic development initiatives, immigration aid and financial advice services and other community outreach programs. Today, CUNY faculty and staff members continue to benefit New York City — as well as the entire nation — by serving as policy experts to business and government, advisers to nonprofit institutions, civic organizations and community groups. Students, too, are strongly encouraged to experience the cultural, educational and community-based opportunities of the five boroughs, through a network of internships and fellowships, to embracing the city as their campus.





Students embrace the city as their campus through a network of internships and fellowships.

Graduates prepare for high-demand positions in the sciences, technology, mathematics, teaching and other fields.

Faculty benefit NYC and the nation as policy experts and advisers to government, business and community organizations.



Chancellor Milliken

Chancellor James B. Milliken

I am writing to share with you the status of the New York State Budget negotiations in Albany with respect to The City University of New York. The Governor and leaders of the Assembly and Senate are working to reconcile the Executive Budget and the "one house budget bills" adopted earlier this month. >>